Before my daughter was born, we hired a lovely Peruvian lady to help us with our growing family.  She was so much more than a babysitter—she loved us and we loved her back.  When she decided to return to Peru to care for her ailing mother, we all, especially me, cried like a baby.  I mean the ‘ugly cry’.  I never thought I would meet anyone like her again.  And I honestly wasn’t searching for a replacement.  Then one day, as fate would have it, I met Mina.  And like Nella before her, Mina reinforced the qualities I had come to know and love about their Latina culture:  they are a loving, humorous, incredibly hard-working and dependable people.  They value family, their earnings and gestures of kindness.  They are now, my family and I theirs.

While every culture has something very special to offer this great country of ours, Latinos come here in search of the American dream.  They come as doctors, lawyers and dentists; as architects, engineers and scientists; as athletes, writers, artists and teachers.  But that dream does not come without sacrifice.  Sometimes they risk their lives to escape tyranny and poverty but also they leave behind their homes, their families and comforts, in search of something greater for themselves and for others here.

As the Director of Philanthropy for Militello Capital, it is my job to show how the companies we fund are achieving our human goals.  That’s right, human goals as part of our corporate commitment, AND PROUD OF IT.  One of the many things you will hear us say is “our human goals are as important as increasing wealth for our investors.”

When Bill told me about YaSabe, I knew I wanted to learn more…

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