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In recognizing the specialized content and technology needs of US Hispanics, YaSabe has introduced multiple online resources, available in English and Spanish, that are culturally relevant and mobile-friendly.  To further its content capabilities, YaSabe has released a proprietary translation platform that combines algorithmic translation capabilities with cloud-sourced human curation to provide scalable, cost-effective translations for large volumes of content.  YaSabe already processes thousands of pieces of content each day, including coupons and classified ads, that are translated from English into Spanish and incorporated into

A look into the new platform reveals a unique three step translation process designed to maximize both quality and efficiency. English-language content is first fed through an algorithmic translation engine that converts the text to Spanish with roughly 85% accuracy.  The translated content is compared to YaSabe’s taxonomy of popular terms and to a knowledge base of previously translated content. Finally, the Spanish-language content is curated by cloud-sourced specialists who validate and make corrections while adding dialectical and syntactic precision to ensure accurate translations.

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The new translation capabilities help YaSabe to constantly generate timely and unique content that is available at, through its network partners, and  indexed by search engines  YaSabe is dedicated to producing accurate linguistic translations and cultural relevancy, to provide value for its end users.