It is common for any online local search engine to have the most searched terms change according to seasons or around holidays. As such it was not odd for us to have Escuelas (Schools in Spanish) ranked in the top ten search terms prior to the beginning of the school year; similarly, tiendas de disfraces (costume shop) made the top ten during the first weeks of October. Being able to follow and predict these searches has become of great importance for YaSabe as it allows us to better understand our visitor and provide them with information they enjoy and need in a timely fashion.

Contrary to the seasonality of the above terms, we found certain queries did not change with the pass of time; dentistas (dentists) abogados (lawyers) and restaurantes (restaurants), to name a few remain practically unchanged throughout the year and are constantly ranked in the top ten searches. When trying to understand the nature of this behavior a few explanations are possible; however as our services are made for the Hispanic community, we may think that our users come to YaSabe in search for assistance in finding products and service providers that are interested and target the Hispanic community. This can be done on our site by providing services in Spanish (doctor, lawyers), providing culturally relevant offerings (Hispanic restaurants), or offering comments and recommendations made by the Hispanic community (Ayudame and comments) to local merchants and service providers.

As a result, our content is not only important due to its bilingual nature, but also because it offers our users a unique element when searching and finding products and services near them.